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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kill The Fake Taliban

18 May 2009

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

اسلام علیکم
Peace be upon you

1. Operation Rah e Haq

Operation Rah –e – Haq-
الحمد اللہ: Our forces continue to surround, capture or kill the terrorists. BrassTacks have seen exclusive photos clearly confirming that those fighting the army in Swat are NOT Muslims. We are faced with Gorkhas and Uzbek origin non-Muslim men posing as Mujahideen and creating anarchy in the country.

The final showdown would be in Mingora city where the city has been evacuated and the militants are digging in for an urban showdown. Right now, the city is being encircled by the army and supply and escapes routes of the militants being blocked. It is going to be a dirty and bloody affair in the coming days but the army does not wish to leave them to fight another day. It is going to finish within Swat,

The commando drop in Peochar Mountains is the biggest Special Forces drop in the history of Pakistan army with 3 battalions landing within the den of terrorists surprising them totally. History is being created in the remote valleys are Special Forces hunt and destroy terrorist dens and cadre. Fierce resistance was being offered by the militants but they are being decimated from all sides.

Militants are trying to release the pressure from Swat by trying to open multiple fronts in tribal areas and through acts of terrorism. Peshawar was jolted twice in a day causing multiple fatalities. Tribal pockets are seeing some bloody clashes but this time forces are hitting hard,
الحمد اللہ.

Pakistan army says 1,000 militants killed

The terrorists are stunned by the ferocity and intensity of military response. For the first time in months, we are seeing militants in total and complete disarray, being hunted by daring raids by special forces and regular army, backed by gunship and even fighters jets where required. It is a bloody and ruthless battle in the mountains and in the valleys of Swat and Malakand region which would be decisive showdown in days to come,
انشاءاللہ decimating the terrorists who had lived long enough.

"Pakistan's army has killed more 1,000 militants and nearly eliminated Taliban control of the North West Frontier Province."

A letter from wife of a officer serving in Swat

This is a fascinating message from one of our sisters whose is also wife of a Ghazi officer serving in Swat and elsewhere to protect the Pak Sarzameen. We want to share it with you all. Those who have never shed their blood for the motherland nor risked any loved one can never understand how it feels to fight and die for a sacred cause, noble mission and romantic dream. Here our sister shares her feelings with us. She is absolutely right that it is India in Swat. We even have proof that there are non-Muslim troops fighting against us perhaps of Gorkha or Uzbek origin. It is time, nation stop doubting the cause and start backing the army big time. May Allah bless this land always and forever, AMEEN.

"Dear Brother Zaid Hamid,
May Allah give you more strength, as you have touched our (Pakistanis') hearts, and have brought us together on this platform.
I am a wife, daughter, grandaughter, and daughter in law of army officers. Infact, I'm also the daughter of one of those "chand pagal pakistani' who are still uncorrupt and working day and night to revive and progress some of our institutions. I have also experienced the tension as a wife, while my husband was serving the nation in Swat. It feels great once people applaud the sacrifices of army personnel.
At this time I would like to point out how some people allege that our soldiers do this for the salaries and land allotments – Trust me you cannot PAY someone to put their lives on the line and to emrace shahadat for our country. Our soldiers unlike our enemies do not fear death cause they know that they are serving for the cause of a nation "PAKISTAN' which was created in the name of Allah. And because of that, no matter how many hurdles India has thrown in its way, ALLAH HI PAKISTAN KA HAFIZ HAI.
REST ASSURED THAT IT IS INDIA BEHIND SWAT. Hindus have not come out of the complex that they lost their 'Indian land' to the Muslims. Rest assured they can never be our friends. This is a message that we have to pass on to our generations and warn them against India's brutal mentality. It is time that we quit using any indian products (movies, clothes, toiletries).


2. President Zardari's visit to France

Why President Zardari went to France? Apart from fun and games while the country burnt, he had other sinister plans!

But the real story of the weak is the visit of Mr. Zardari to France for dubious military and nuke deals. France is too keen to sell its Scorpion subs to PN but the SMAP (submarine acquisition project) of Pakistan Navy consisting of dedicated submarine officers opted for German sub-Marines.

France had been able to scuttle this sale in earlier Benazir Bhutto era and was able to sell inferior Agosta 90B subs to Pakistan Navy. This time, the Navy SMAP opted for German Subs. The project is again being attacked by France through all means possible. Now, half Jew Mr. Sarkozy is working on Mr. Zardari to convince him to change the deal and offering some dubious nuke "safety" deal as carrot. In reality, even this nuke safety deal is suspicious as it consists of certain locking systems for the nuke devices to prevent them from use, even if they fall in wrong hands. Basically, these are weapon denial locks which would even cripple Pakistani armed forces capability to use them in times of crisis. Navy is holding its ground for German subs while Mr. Zardari is negotiating it with Mr. Sarkozy.

France offers civilian N-deal modelled on US-India accord

"France backs a wide-ranging civilian nuclear deal to buy nuclear equipment like the one signed by the US with India, according to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. He said negotiations on the nuclear technology accord would be held in July this year and a new framework agreement and memorandum of understanding were likely to be signed during the visit of French..."

3. Baluchistan

In Baluchistan, however, sub-nationalists and separatist are working on multiple agendas to weaken the federation with the help of elected (CIA planted) provincial government of Raisani and Zardari led suspect government. Situation is easily manageable but perhaps this political setup needs to go asap.
The idea to create another capital for Baluchistan is meant to create a Baluch only city near the sea to act as base for future separate Baluchistan State as Quetta is a primarily Pashtun city and army HQ is also located there. This is a sinister move by the provincial and federal government in an environment where Baluchistan is reeling under insurgency and funds are badly needed for security and basic infrastructure developments. In an environment where provincial government is actively allowing secessionist movements to grow and Pakistani flag and anthem is being desecrated, another winter capital near the seaport is highly suspicious move.

Gwadar likely to become Balochistan's winter capital

"The Balochistan government is likely to declare Gwadar as the winter capital of the province. "A decision has been taken in principle and the plan is likely to be approved with the next provincial budget," sources told Dawn, adding that officials concerned were working on details of the proposal..."

Govt must act on flag, anthem issue: Magsi

"Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi said on Monday it was the responsibility of the provincial government to take action against elements who removed national flag from educational institutions and stopped recitation of national anthem by their students. "Nobody should be allowed to challenge the writ of the government," the governor said, adding that removing national flag and not allowing recitation of national anthem did not mean that the government had no control over the province...."

4. The ultimate US / Israeli / Indian goal is to get control over Pakistan's nuclear program

It is now getting dangerously exposed that US is working on a fats track program to attack, "secure" or destroy Pakistani nuke assets, taking advantage of the weak and corrupt government of Zardari. But
انشاءاللہ defeat and humiliation awaits them as Allah plots and plan too and He is the best of the planners!
"US stress is to build peacefully relations between Pakistan and India, even at the cost of auctioning Pakistan's national security interests. Mr. Zardari is the biggest US asset who has now been detailed to serve Indian interests under shadowy secret deals which basically compromise Pakistan's historic stance towards India. Allowing transit routes to Indian military and diplomatic services to Afghanistan would be a suicide for Pakistan. Mr Zardari has signed the agreement on his latest tour to US. Also, according to Mr. Zardari, troops from Indian border are being moved to fight Taliban in the West. The ultimate objective of US is to get to Pakistani nukes. The support to terrorist groups in Pakistan by the CIA is aimed at creating doubts about Pakistan's nuke program's vulnerability."

The cat finally came out of the bag!!. The entire CIA / Mossad / RAW game plan in the region, their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, their support to terrorist groups like TTP and BLA, their pressure to bring about a war within Pakistan, and their desire to create an environment of confusion and chaos in Pakistani politics are aimed at proving to the world that Pakistani nukes are about to fall into the hands of terrorists and need US invasion to "secure" them. This is the ultimate prize US is engaged in Pakistan before it can officially launch its "Yugoslavia" option to initiate formal dismemberment of Pakistan. Shameless and audacious plan as it seems, this is exactly what is being discussed in US war planners and diplomatic circles.

US urged to engage Pakistan to protect nukes

"Two senior US scholars, one of whom headed a White House review team, have urged the Obama administration to engage Pakistanis to protect their nuclear weapons instead of taking a unilateral action. "A jihadist state in Pakistan is neither imminent nor inevitable, it may not be likely, but it is a real possibility," says Bruce Riedel, who heads the White House team for reviewing the US policy for Pakistan and Afghanistan....."

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Pakistan

Leaked reports even suggested that US has plans to attack and seize Pakistani nukes. US deny it but the fact remains that top secret US units are already practicing the drills. Fox news broke the story.

"American intelligence sources say the military's chief terrorist-hunting squad has units operating in Afghanistan on Pakistan's western border and is working on a secondary mission to secure foreign nuclear arsenals if the Taliban or Al Qaeda overwhelm Pakistan."

Pak increasing nuclear weapons: US

But the US propaganda against Pakistani nuke program continues at fast pace. There is no doubt that Pakistani nukes are now the prime challenge for US. As we see it, if US was not so dependant upon Pakistan as it is today due to NATO supplies, it would have already declared Pakistan as a rogue State within the "axis of evil".
"The confirmation came during a Senate Armed Services committee hearing when Democrat senator Jim Webb, an expert on defence issues, raised fears that Pakistan is adding to the nuclear weapons it traditionally has pointed toward India, and questioned whether US aid could be funding it."

Gilani allayed concern over nuke safety

Both the army chief and the PM were forced to respond while Mr. Zardari was frolicking in France. The propaganda against army that it cannot handle terrorists and nukes getting into wrong hands is now getting intense and pressure had to be released.

"Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday allayed concerns over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear assets and said that a disinformation campaign had been launched to undermine the country. An orchestrated campaign has lately been launched by Pakistan's detractors expressing doubts about the security of (its) nuclear assets. The campaign has tried to link Pakistan's internal situation with nuclear security in an attempt to discredit the country's nuclear capability," the prime minister said while addressing members of PPP's Central Executive Committee and Federal Council here.."

5. Even our enemies bear witness to our character

An interesting and thought provoking article from an Indian writer, Shivani Mohan, where she discusses the human side of soldiers and mentions a beautiful incident in 1965 when Pakistani soldiers had captured Indian territory and a whole village evacuated in face of advancing Pakistani troops, leaving behind 3 elderly Indian citizens. The two elderly men and a woman were well looked after by the Pakistani soldiers until ceasefire was declared.

6. Iqbal Ka Pakistan, Episode 6

As a nation we follow the Islamic ideology of "Poet of the East" Sir Allama Iqbal. As Pakistani's we honor the dream and determination he had for an independent country and freedom for all, specially the Youth. "Iqbal Ka Pakistan" is a show that revolves around questions and issues about the motherland that are on every 'thinking' youth's mind. It is a serious talk show focusing on Pakistan's current socio-political scenario, philosophy and ideology of the great poet and how as Pakistani Muslims we have embraced his endeavors for a better nation. Iqbal ka Pakistan eps6 has now been uploaded. Link as follows:

Zaid Hamid

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Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium
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