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Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Maryam, on her birthday

It's your birthday, but we got the gift...

a gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter

who is always a pleasure to be with.

You glow with sensitivity and compassion

generated from the depths

of your warm heart and and kind soul.

A loving kid, a peacemaker,

a darling full of the joy of life,

that's you.

Anyone who spends time with you

is privileged to know

such an extraordinary person.

You are a great joy in our lives.

We love you and cherish you and treasure you

and wish that every one of your birthdays

will be the happiest yet.

It's your birthday beautiful child

make a wish

let your dreams run wild!

We thank God, He blessed us with you

a girlie girl in all you do.

Big black eyes and wavy black hair

little things to you are such a big fare.

Fashion and makeup are what you like

you always ask to ride your bike.

You brushed the tooth til it was clean

how happy it made you could surely be seen.

In such a hurry to grow up big

please slow down, child cuz

I'm enjoying this gig!

The day even gold lose its glitter

For it can't be as bright as you

And all flowers fear to bloom

For they can't be as fresh as you.

The day all diamonds lose their worth

For they have no worth in front of you

And even snow just melt

For it can't be as pure as you.

That's the day when

We all say to you

"Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You."

A very special someone who came and knocked

Quietly on my heart's door that was locked

And then very swiftly entered in my heart

And used her cute gestures and art

To bring the smile back on my face

And spread joy in that sweet little pace

Is no one but you my little sweet heart

Who certainly knows how in her art

To shine like a sun upon all

And don't let anyone's tear ever fall

And you're that someone who came and knocked

Quietly on my heart's door that was locked

And today you are turning six dear Mium

I wish may your life be bright and sunny

For you came as first sunshine to dawn

Who built people's hopes for the appearing morn

And now I don't have more words to lay

Neither more things or sayings to say

But one more thing that I wish that is true

Is that may Allah's blessings all surround you.

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