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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Program Assessment Toolkit

Developed by Central i University (CMU)

The toolkit includes:

Steps for Developing a Program Assessment Plan Click here for a guide to assist with developing an assessment plan.

Assessment: "A Guide"

Visualize the "big picture" of outcomes-based assessment, click here.

"Organize Your Thoughts": Assessment Plan Worksheet
Click here for a worksheet to assist you with connecting your program mission, student learning outcomes and assessment strategies.

"Organize Your Thoughts": Identifying Strategies Use this worksheet to assist you with identifying possible links between other learning opportunities and how they may be an outstanding strategy for your program assessment plan, click here.

Why care about assessment of student learning? Click here to discover why assessing student learning is a good thing.

What are the domains of student learning? Click here for a blueprint of the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains and how to use them to describe what you intend for students to learn in your program.

Determining student learning outcomes
- How do you take a blueprint (program mission) and build it into something useful (student learning outcomes)? Click here to find out.

Writing student learning outcomes for CMU programs - Click here for the right tool to help you write student learning outcomes.

Formative and summative assessment
- Click here to hammer home the differences between formative and summative assessment.

Developing rubrics - Click here to follow step-by-step instructions for constructing a rubric.

Using survey methods in student learning outcomes assessment - Click here for appropriate use and development of surveys.

Course-embedded assessment
- Click here for information on how course assessments can serve as the building blocks for an assessment system.

Portfolio assessment
- Click here for information on this assessment tool that serves numerous purposes.

Using multiple measures in student learning outcomes assessment
- Click here to get help with developing a big picture of different assessment options for your program.

What are you already doing that can be used for student learning outcomes assessment? Click here to discover what you are already doing in student learning outcomes assessment.

Applied experiences
- Click here for information on applied experiences (e.g. internships, student teaching) and the tools used to evaluate these experiences.

Using capstone experiences in student learning outcomes assessment - What is a capstone experience and how do I assess student learning as a part of it? Click here to find the answer.

Extracurricular learning and assessment - Do you need more than one tool to do the job? Click here to find out how the work you do with students in clubs and organizations can help assess student learning outcomes.

Assessment in graduate programs - Click here for questions to consider before building an assessment plan for your graduate program.

Authors of the Toolkit


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