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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Facebook, Google, And Dropbox Are Hiring Interns By The Boatload

Silicon Valley mainstays and startups like Google and Dropbox are hiring tons of interns for this coming summer, the Wall Street Journal Reports.
Dropbox plans to hire three times as many interns for this summer as for last summer.
This would make interns one whole third of Dropbox's entire engineering team.
Bump Technologies, maker of the popular bump-to-share-your-contact-info app, plans to hire ten interns this coming summer. These interns will make up a pretty large chunk of Bump's 30 employee office.
Facebook plans to hire 625 interns for this coming summer, while Google plans to hire more than a thousand youngsters for summer jobs.
So why all the hiring up? Finding and keeping full-time hires is tough enough at a tech company because of rampant poaching, so these companies have been increasingly turning to college students for first-year employees.
Most of these companies offer interns around $10,000 for a summer-long gig.

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