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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 10 Sites to Download FREE Android Apps

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1. 1mobile

1mobile is one of the best sites for Android apps. This site has been placed at the first position on most site reviewing forums and search engine, having approximately 27,615 page hits per day. This site is categorized efficiently with various sections like Editors picked applications, top rated and the most recent applications added to the database.
best sites for free android apps download

2. Approb

When I talk about Best Free Android applications download, how can I ignore approb, the site having a valuable worth in search engines with Free Android Downloads. In this list, approb got second place with 20,473 hits per day. Besides its large free database of Android applications, this site also provides top free applications for other devices like iPhone, iPad, with additional section of how to use or install them.
best sites for free android apps download

3. Androidfreeware

Another top website for Free Android Applications Download is android freeware. The site ranks high for the said keywords, having more that 24,000 fans on social networks sites, this database of free androidapplications must be checked. The site also provides links to its top affiliate sites, which are also providing free applications for various platform like BlackBerry, Symbian etc. More than this, this site has 17,141 page hits per day, which made it one of the top favorite sites for its competitive keyword, and 3rd on this list.
best free sites for android apps download

4. Androidapps

When I think about a top designed site, well arranged and having friendly structure for any browsing criteria, Androidapps is here. By having well categorized format of free available android applications, this site places in high rank in search engines with more than 15,712 page hits per day.
best sites fro free android applications download

 5. Androidgamesroom

Being one of the most rapidly visited sites for the best free android applications download, this site is getting popularity as its search engine records show. This site has approximately 12,855 hits per day.
best free sites for android apps download

6. Playandroid

Playandroid is the 6th site in this list, with 10,951 daily page hits. This site is designed cool, provides the best categorized applications for free downloading with paid applications also. With large amount of applications as well as visitors registered, this site is one of the favorite portal for application downloads.
best sites for download android apps

7. Bestandroiddownloads

With extremely nice design, having large free applications database in almost every category, this site is my favorite. This site ranks high for its related keyword. Additionally, the site also provides its blog and forum, so that online fans can get valuable suggestions regarding any matter. This site ranks well, even high with more than 6,666 daily visitors.
best sites for free android downloads

8. Appsapk

A simply designed site for well categorized android applications downloads, free. This site provides a simple, clean and easy interface for its users. Having approximately 2,666 hits per day, this site ranks high in search engines, as well as in the mind of android applications lovers.
best sites for android applications free download

9. Androidsoftwaredownload

Another top site for free android applications download is, androidsoftwaredownload. The site is consisted of top categories any android lover would like to download applications from. This site has a daily page view of 524, and places on the 9th position in this list.
best sites for free android applications download

10. Appdoll

The last, but not least site of this list is appdoll. With simple & clean design, each application has a download link in front of it. The site shows top categories with top downloaded applications in each, labeled as Featured Applications, worth for visiting and enjoy the android stuff, all free.
best sites for free android apps download

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