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Saturday, July 4, 2015

13 Famous Eateries of Lahore That Are Disgustingly Filthy

by Ali Gul

Caution: Some images will make you nauseous!
One of the most famous features of Lahore is it’s food. You’ll often hear Lahoris rave about how great the food is in the city. And for the most part, they’re right. Unfortunately, some restaurants have not been keeping up with hygienic standards.  As a result, The Punjab Food Authority has emerged as superheroes to keep the restaurants in check. Here are some famous places in Lahore they have caught red handed, that you should probably avoid.

1. Benazir Kulfa

One of the most famous Kulfa places was sealed due to poor hygiene.
Benazir1 Benazir2
Tum kitney keeray maaro gey. Hur kulfey say keera nikley ga.

2. Ze Grill

This grill of filth was sealed due to keeping unlabelled food items, left overs in the freezers, no proper facility for washing utensils and just poor overall hygiene. 
Zegrill1 Zegrill2 Zegrill3 Zegrill4
Let’s hope they have’t been serving unorthodox meat…

3. Copper Kettle Cafe

Different place, same story. The cafe was sealed due to poor premises hygiene, improper storage, dirty freezers.
CopperKettle1 CopperKettle2 CopperKettle3 CopperKettle4 CopperKettle5
Their infamous Cake Alaska dessert doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.

4. Bundu Khan

Ah, Bundu Khan. A well established restaurant chain. You’d think they’d know better but they don’t. One of their branches was sealed off because one of the washrooms was directly opening into the food preparation area, there were abundant flies in the kitchen, no proper labelling on food items, no medical certificates of food handlers, uncovered food, poor personnel and premises hygiene. Basically bad news.
Bundukhan1 Bundukhan2 Bundukhan3 Bundukhan4
Sure their food might taste great when you eat it. What can happen after, you probably don’t want to think much about it.

5. Cock and Bull

We all love their shawarmas but even they have been a culprit of poor hygiene and cleanliness. No wonder it comes with a personal guarantee of uncontrollable shits.
Cocknbull2Cocknbull1Cocknbull3 Cocknbull4
If you are constipated, you know where to go.

6. Yousaf Falooda

This gem of a place in Qadaffi Stadium was sealed off due to dirty freezers in addition to poor premise and personal hygiene.
Yousaffalooda1 Yousaffalooda2 Yousaffalooda3 Yousaffalooda4
There goes my post iftar falooda cravings. These bastards.

7. Gourmet Sweets n Bakers

You might love them for their prices but multiple Gourmet locations have been sealed off on account of keeping/selling expired food items, the presence of flies, mosquitoes and rodents on edibles.
Gourmet2Gourmet1  Gourmet3 Gourmet4 Gourmet5
Don’t be a cheap ass and get something less filthy.

8. Chaman Ice Cream

Their ice cream is amazing! We wish we could say the same for their cleanliness.
chaman2chaman1  chaman3 chaman4
Remember the mango ice cream you had? It came from this premise.

9. Yasir Broast

If you haven’t tried Yasir Broast yet, you are in luck because they got fined due to unhygienic conditions, open dust bins, poor personal hygiene and leftovers stored in freezers.
yasirbroast1 yasirbroast2 yasirbroast3 yasirbroast4 yasirbroast5 yasirbroast6
Why did the chicken cross the road?

10. Nirala Sweets

Their production unit has been sealed 3 times due to no hand washing facility, unhygienic conditions, open drains, poor personal hygiene, animal waste near food items, improper food storage and dirty utensils.
nirala1 nirala2 nirala3 nirala4 nirala5 nirala6 nirala7
Most of their locations have closed down for a reason. Not so Nirala eh?

11. Fri Chicks

They copied KFC in terms of cuisine. Hygiene wise, not so much. Fri Chicks has a copyright over their unhygienic conditions.

frichicks1 frichicks2 frichicks3 frichicks4
Might as well just eat at home. Unless you really want some fried shits.

12. Jamin’ Java Cafe

They have been jammin with their poor personal hygiene, poor drainage system and uncovered dust bins.
jamminjava1 jamminjava2 jamminjava3 jamminjava4 jamminjava5
We hope the cafe in the Lahore LUMS campus is cleaner.

13. Salt n’ Pepper

The famous family restaurant was sealed due to unhygienic conditions, poor personal hygiene, dirty freezers. One of their customers got a cockroach served in his soup. Yuck!
saltnpepper1 saltnpepper2 saltnpepper3 saltnpepper4 saltnpepper5 saltnpepper6 saltnpepper7
I’m craving their club sandwich *slaps himself*.

There are many other restaurants that have been caught by the Punjab Food Authority including The Polo Lounge and Hardees, Click here to check Facebook page and find out more about such restaurants.
Sources Used: The Punjab Food Authority

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