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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


30-Second-Daily-Skin-Care-Tips-That-Will-Make-You-Look-10-Years-YoungerWe all want to take care for our skin, and we do some things every day about it, like changing the pillowcase. But this is not enough, here are 17 advices how to keep your skin soften, and also rejuvenate.

  1. Women have to take off the makeup before sleeping.
  2. During the cleaning of the face, try to massage your skin, so the circulation is taking the higher level, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. The condition of your skin can not be in perfect form, if you pop your pimples. This can only worsen their appearance.
  4. Our hands are exposed to bacteria, so we must be careful when we touch our faces, unless they are clean.
  5. Take care often to consume food that is health for your skin.
  6. Your eye creams have to be always in the fridge.
  7. Ice cubes are not good for pimples, except when you have red blemish.
  8. All natural remedies that you need are exactly in your kitchen: tea treatments, olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, and sugar scrubs.
  9. You can easily transfer lot of bacteria on your face, using your mobile phone. So you have to clean the phone daily.
  10. You’ll need separate towels for hair, and face.
  11. The pillowcase have to be changed on daily basic.
  12. You have to be careful using hair products, make sure they do not come in contact with your skin.
  13. Pay attention on acne breakotus, their appearance means something in your body is wrong. If you notice pimple on your forehead, that is maybe a liver problem.
  14. Make sure your body is always hydrated, drink great quantities of water.
  15. Eat organic food.
  16. Exfoliate your skin every day in order to remove the dead cells from its surface.
  17. You can cause irritation on your sink, using face cream which contain numerous chemicals, natural products are always the best choice

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