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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Sun at 6:33pm

To the man who who taught me to walk , read , write , swim ......... i love you
To the man who played , laughed and joked with me .... i love you
To the man who taught me how to stick out my tongue , rub noses like eskimos..... i loveyou
To the man who promised to throw mom out of the house if she ever beat me :P ...i love you
To the man who showed me the stars and told me stories ....... i love you
To the man i swam , waterskied , hiked, jumped,rode roller coasters with ....i love you
To the man i ran to when ever trouble came near me ....... i love you
To the man who told me to behave like a soldier...when i whined in amc.... i love you
To the man who had my car painted when i banged it without my mum ever knowing about it ..... i love you
To the man who brought me all those funny , weird presents without knowing what to get a girl.. i loveyou
To the man who promised to be there for me whenever , where ever i needed him ........ i love you
To the man who i counted on , who always understood me ...... i love you
To the man who told me i was his princess and heir to the imaginary throne :P ..... i love you
To the man who made me every inch that i am today ............ i love you
To the man who was my father ,my best friend ,my hero ............. i love you
To the man whose departure has left me __________ ...... ......... i love you

It was all these things and more we did together , papa . Today i sit alone , reminiscing how things once were and shall never be again .I can't see or touch you anymore . All i see is the place where you sleep . Every time i visit you i hope desperately you wake up but in vain.
I have no presents for you , dad . What do i give you today ? , when you sleep so soundly , so far below . It's Father's day today "happy father's day " just want you to know how proud i am to be your daughter . There are indeed many great men in this world but for me you are the greatest and shall always be....
To the man i have always loved and always will love.....the most "A VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" all prayers are for you, papa . Love you more deeply than words can explain . Miss you every minute , every second .....
Hugs and kisses to my commando , my ranger ,my tanker dad :)the dad who i was always proud of and the dad who made me more proud in the way he left....... A VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY .

Mehvish Zahra Alavi

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