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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pakistan's Ambassador to france, Jehanzeb Khan's Controversy

Pakistan ambassador to France, Mr Jehanzeb Khan, is under the spot light of media for being the first ever DMG officer to be made Ambassador of Pakistan to France. The Foreign Office group is opposing this appointment since they consider it a DMG takeover of Foreign Services department. While the DMG side thinks that they are the perfect lot who are more competent then their colleagues in Foreign Services and hence the best officers should be assigned to the role instead of the people serving in the Foreign Services.

For the convenience of our readers, i will highlight that DMG and Foreign Services are two different fields chosen by the candidates while applying for CSS exam. DMG is involved with the management of districts while the Foreign Services personnel are involved with managing our foreign relations and hence both are two totally different fields and have nothing in common.

Today two different stories emergedin The News, one by the DMG officer which was published by Ansar Abbassi and the other story is published by Marianna Babar about the possible mutiny in Foreign Services group agaisnt the appointment of Jehanzeb Khan. I will first look into the statement of DMG officers as narrated by Ansar Abbassi. You can find the full story by clicking here.

In the article the DMG officer which came in defence of the appointment of Jehanzeb Khan presented his case on the basis of merit. According to him, Jehanzeb Khan is more competent then any person in the whole Foreign Services Group of Pakistan and this is one big reason that Jehanzeb Khan, a DMG officer, should lead the Pakistan Embassy in France. He further challenges the achievements of the Foreign Services Group for the last 60 years. Not only this, he take the liberty of presenting another argument that Jehanzeb Khan is a Pashtun (I am also Pashtun) and that is one strong credential that he can explain the War on Terror in a better manner to the French people and their government.

Now here is what i think as a layman!

DMG Officers don't believe in specializations and hence they believe a person managing a district can manage country foreign policy and defend the policies of its government in Foreign capitals. I wonder if that is the case, DMG officers will surely go to a Cardiologist when they find their eye sight weak and they go to Dentists when they have pain in their leg because a competent doctor is all that matters and not his area of specilization. Coming to second point about the achievements of Foreign Services Group for the past 60 years? I wonder how the DMG group will narrate their own achievements? Siding with the establishment and looting the very public which they are suppose to help? Pakistan cities are the worst example of management. You don't see any sign of management at all. In sixty years of existence, they have not yet gone over their mental slavery. DMG officers are famous for being the most corrupt lot in Pakistan since they control the most vital spheres of country life. Can they present one single achievement of this group to us (the people of Pakistan?). In fact DMG group is the white elephant and a burden on the economy of Pakistan with not a single achievement except for increasing their personnel wealth and status. They are the people who have made sure that the British system remain intact and that our people are kept slaves in one form or another. Coming to the last point of Jehanzeb Khan being a Pashtun, i wonder if that is how we choose our ambassadors? Or is that the people who are from other Provinces of Pakistan have never heard of Taliban or the crises through which NWFP is passing through? I must mention here that one of the finest police officer of NWFP was from Lahore, Punjab and he knew the province and its people far better then any other Pashtun Police Officer. So this stupid argument stands no ground at all. The very argument make it crystal clear to our readers about the possible mental calibre of our DMG officers.

I am lucky i abandoned the idea of applying to CSS exam. I would have preferred to resign rather then working between such corrupt and incompetent baboos of British System of Slavery dubbed as DMG Officers.

The other article presented by Marianna Babar touches upon the possible signs of mutiny in the Foreign Services Group officers, who have decided not to handle any single official communication with their French embassy, if Jehanzeb Khan was given the top slot. They have also shared few insider stories of huge scams and corruptions done by some influential Pakistanis in France. The News claims that they are verifying the story before sharing it with the readers. We will be eagerly looking forward to it. In the mean while, our readers should keep in mind the recent accusations that have emerged in France by the French Opposition leaders that the 11 French engineers killed in Karachi might be the possible victims of a kick backs taken by both Pakistani and French leaders. The story has yet to be investigated and hence Pakistan Embassy in France would require a person who can handle the case in the desired manner. The possible people involved in Pakistan will try their best to appoint their own favourites to help them in clearing the matter. Therefore, the appointment of Jehanzeb Khan has also turned many eyes as they viewed him a pawn of influential people sitting in Islamabad.

Lets see how things turn out!

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