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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Major Abid - A Hero to His Last Breath!

June 06, 2009

Brigadier Syed Azmat Ali, Rawalpindi

Unfortunately the Pakistan Army has been the butt of Public Criticism during the last few years, but the people forget that the Pakistan Army and its valiant soldiers have always been injecting the fresh blood in the national polity by their inimitable sacrifices, be it the floods or the earthquake or the war against the enemy.

Same spirit of sacrifice and valour is being exhibited in the ongoing struggle against the militants. The heroic story of Major ABID MAJEED bears testimony to this reality. On the fateful morning of May 18, 2009 Major Abid Majeed's brother Major Khalid was entrusted the task of recurring the area from Shalpalam to Jura whereas Major Abid Majeed's company was responsible for securing the area from Jura to Nazarabad. Major Khalid's company successfully secured the area followed by Major Abid Majeed. Thereafter Major Abid Majeed's company was ordered to more forward. Thirteen vehicles of the company moved to safety however the last vehicle came under heavy and precise firing, near a nullah bend, by the militants. The driver of the vehicle embraced martyrdom there and then. No more movement was possible as the route was blocked. The forward troops tried to move back and rescue the trapped soldiers, however due to accurate and effective firing by the militants the movement was not possible. It was then at 1645 hrs that Major Abid Majeed decided to move back himself. He took two soldiers, the first aid kit and a water bottle and ordered his company to engage the militants. In the rain of bullets he rushed to site, dragged the two bleeding soldiers Sepoy Tariq and Sepoy Nausherwan to a place of safety. He immediately poured water into their mouths and then started bandaging them to stop the flow of blood. In the meantime his shoulder got exposed and shot. Not bettered by it, he kept engaged himself in the task of bandaging. The second bullet hit in his ribs, still did not prevent him from completing his task. Unmoved by the blood gushing out of his wounds he dragged the soldiers to a safer place. In the process he was hit by three bullets and he fell down. While bleeding profusely, he took the wireless to talk to his brother Major Khalid (for the last time), who was 100 meters away. "BROTHER I HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH TO SO AND SO, DO NOT FORGET IT. TAKE CARE OF THE MOTHER AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THE JOB OF ELIMINATING THE MISCREANTS INCOMPLETE. I WISH I COULD MARCH ON TO MINGORA AND SEE IT CLEAR OF THE MILITANTS". And then he succumbed to his injuries but he managed to save the lives of two soldier/comrades.

Sepoy Tariq and Nowsharwan can not control their tears at the mention of Major Abid Majeed's name. The only words they utter are" Why Major Sahib why not us".

Long live Pakistan Army! Long Live Pakistan!

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