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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Hidden Secret Of Quetta: 10 Images of Jabal Noor-ul-Quran

Have you ever wondered what happens to old copies of Quran that have been damaged or torn? As Muslims, we know that we cannot burn or tear Quran. So what happens to the old copies of Quran in Pakistan?
Well, they make their way to Jabal-Noor-ul-Quran, which is a hill located in the Mountains of Chiltern in Quetta. The hill has been tunnelled and a series of caves have been created. Why have they been established? Well, they have been created as a place to store old, worn out, damaged and unique copies of Quran.
The scriptures that arrive at Jabal Noor-ul-Quran are placed in bags or cases depending on their condition and stored to ensure they are kept safe and are not further damaged or accidental destroyed.
Take a look at the hidden secret of Quetta with us known as Jabal Noor-ul-Quran:

1. Chiltern Hills where Jabal Noor-ul-Quran is located near the Baluchistan city of Quetta

jabal noor ul quran quetta

2. The entrance to Jabal Noor-ul-Quran – Home to old and worn out scriptures


3. Within the walls of this sanctuary for scriptures, you will find some of the oldest copies of Quran

old quran

4. Old and worn out versions of Quran that are damaged and in some cases unusable are stored in bags such as these

quran bags
Flickr Hive Mind

5. The bags seen along the walls of the small caverns are full of worn out or old pages of Quran – shocking how many there are

bags of old qurans
Pak 101

6. Caverns upon caverns are full of bags that are keeping the scriptures safe

more bags of quran

7.  A cavern within the hill that has been set aside for prayer and a place were individuals who come to visit can sit and read from decades old scriptures

cavern set aside for prayer
Pak 101

8. The colorful patchwork wall at the end of the prayer room is in fact more bags that contain scriptures

wall in prayer room

9. Within the entrance of the cavern, display cases can be seen where unique and fragile copies of Quran have been placed to be viewed by visitors

display cases

10. Within the cases, one can find some of the oldest copies from decades ago

display cases with qurans
If you are ever in Quetta, make sure to take a trip to Jabal Noor-ul-Quran and be amazed by what you see.

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