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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Want to burn fat cells easily? Try to freeze them

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Nobody wants those ugly looking fat bulges. It makes anyone look like they are out of shape even when they are not. They make our clothes look bad and fitted tightly and are just too stubborn to get rid of. Excess of it raises and increases the risk for development of diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes; hence there has been considerable amount of time being spent on finding a way to remove these stubborn fat cells.
Apparently scientists have found out a way to make these fat cells disappear and that too without surgery or cutting you open. The treatment does no damage to your skin and is very effective.

1 Study shows fat cells die when exposed to extreme cold

Humans normally have two types of fat: white fat & brown fat and knowing the major differences between the two can in fact help people drop weight.
“White fat” is the skinny coating of blubber that is visible on the human stomach, backs of arms and on the thigh region. This is the specific type of fat that performs as a thermal padding that maintains body temperatures at a steady level.
Brown fat is less plentiful in the body and generates heat, rather than take it in like white fat does. Brown fat performs the function of keeping a body warm by burning energy or calories. White fat can mimic the features of the brown fat and the combination results in a product called “beige fat.” This whole process of white cells taking on the features of the brown fat is called “browning.”
Beige and brown fat have the capability to burn calories and this makes them a potent way to reduce weight, while surplus of white fat is linked with weight gain and obesity.
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CoolSculpting is a process of using a device in order to burn the fat tissues by freezing them. The device uses suction to suck the skin and essential fat into a cup, then cooling it.
The present model is that cooling fat tissues to almost below the freezing activates swelling of the fat cells and then triggers natural cell death in the fat cells. The inflammation begins 3 days after treatment, topping at 30 days, with the number of fat cells declines over the 90 day period.
Brief side effects comprise of irregular bruising and a little bit of redness. As the fat cells are drained from the body along with them other nearby fat cells may also expand, hence the patient has to keep a healthy diet.
CoolSculpting procedures use temperatures that do not instantly kill off the fat cells, but rather it generates the natural course of cell death called apoptosis. Therefore the end result requires anywhere from a couple weeks up to 3 months for the full effects to be seen.
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3 Ice therapy to remove excess fat

There is an easy and safe way to do the same thing at home by using ice packs. Ice-packs are sued to bring down inflammation and prevent swelling in sports injuries for ages and the results of the CoolSculpting treatment and it is evident from that it’s likely to duplicate the effects at home by putting on ice packs to the skin.
A study of CoolSculpting presented that the fat levels in the body reduced by doing freezing the fat cells and killing them. Though it may not be as effective as the commercial technique, studies have exhibited that amount of fat on areas of the body where ice packs were used, were strikingly lower than other parts of the body.
Hence simply putting on ice-packs to a fatty area like the thighs, stomach or sides for around 30 minutes to an hour, 3 to 4 times per week, gives you better results into killing that stubborn flabby fat.
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4 Precautions

With every procedure comes a set of precautions that you need to take in order for it to give you effective results.
Incorrect use of icepacks can cause you to have skin burns. These burns range from mild (first degree burns) to severe (second degree burns). The most common reason for such injuries is applying the freezing ice pack directly on the skin without using anything in between the skin and the ice pack.
To avoid such unwanted occurrence, use a thin folded hand towel between the ice pack and the skin. This can be removed after some time when the skin adjusts to the temperature of the ice pack. Do not use any thick material like a thick towel, as it will keep the ice from affecting the area and will reduce the benefit of the ice.
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In order to treat the ice burn, soak the affected area with warm water for about 20 minutes. Use a warm bottle of water on the area or wrap the area with a blanket and try to keep it as warm as you can, but don’t overdo it.
Avoid using direct heat like hairdryer or hot water bottle on the area or massage the said area as will cause more damage to the affected part of the skin. Seek medical advice if situation is serious and you have sustained second degree burns.

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